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My name is Christopher Taylor and I’m married to the greatest woman in the world Nicole Taylor.  She is the greatest thing to happen to my life (other than my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ forgiving me of my sins and coming into my life.)  We have one son Truett ( – yes he has a website) and we live in Grand Bay, Alabama.

My current full-time ministry is at Friendship Baptist Church.  I am the Youth/Media Pastor there and have been there since February 2009.  It is a great church with lots of potential and we are in the process of reaching it.

I’m also known on the world wide web as the “I’m Asian Sign Guy” from the 2012 ESPN College Gameday broadcast at Cowboy Stadium.

The Lord has blessed me with many things, but the most important thing is eternal life through his son Jesus Christ and my goal is to spread that promise to others I encounter.