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Child Proof

The new school year has now started and I’m sure everyone is trying to adjust to the changing of students leaving the house, children going to day care, and long evenings of homework, cooking, and cleaning. It can be tiresome at times, and even a bit stressful. Nicole and I understood that some of the students at our church would like to unwind on the last night before school started so we invited them over our house.

A big thanks goes out to Mark Rainey, which is Matthew Rainey’s father, who provided the pizza and drinks for the night. As more and more students filled my living room (that isn’t conducive to more and more students filling it) I started hoping and praying they would not get out of hand. To my surprise after a couple of hours nothing was broken nor damaged except some brownie and pizza on the floor. (We had stained concrete so it is really easy to cleanup.) Then the college kids come over. It was only 2 and they were both girls, so I thought it would calm down even more.

The fact is that if you do not have enough space or chairs for people to sit in they just start sitting all over the place. On our sectional, that is made for about 5, we had about 10. On our love seat, that is made for lovin, we had about 5……Let me back up a few hours to set this next part up:

Nicole and I usually try and keep the house clean. She has taught me to not leave my socks in the middle of the floor, not leave cups everywhere around the house, and keep from dropping food on the rugs. I do a good job of that because I know if I don’t, the monster will come out. Back to the cleaning – We swept, we vacuumed, we wiped, we washed, and we stuck a lot of stuff in the closet. Behind our love seat we have a beautiful sofa table that has pictures and pottery from Pier 1 with flowers and a nice draped cloth over the table. It adds a lot to the house. As I am walking past it I say to myself, I think we should take that stuff down just incase. Nicole thinks the same thing to herself while walking by. Our decision at the end of cleaning…leave it because “our students are good.”

Now to the love seat made for lovin. Remember I said that our floors are stained concrete. This meaning when pressure is put against something in the living room it will move fairly easy in the direction you push it. And with 5 people trying to get comfortable the pressure was then pushed against the love seat that made it go back and hit the sofa table behind it and made one of the nice expensive pottery pots fall crashing to the hard stained concrete floor and shattering into about a million pieces. (I’m sure that is a run-on) As a hush goes over the crowd I stayed calm and said that it was no big deal and that I would clean it up. That’s not the end…..

As I am on my hands and knees cleaning up, and after everyone has jumped up from the love seat because they “didn’t want to be the one blamed” someone jumps back into it like a crazed fool…..and yes it slides back into the sofa table again, and yes another pottery pot falls. This time I am behind the sofa table and see that pot falling. If you can imagine this in slow motion this is exactly how it happened. Time slowed to just a crawl, both for me and for the falling pottery pot. As I was sweeping and noticed it falling off I threw off the hand broom and made a motion to catch it before it hit the ground. The pot hits my right hand and my eyes light up in joy because I have saved the pot, but in slow motion everything is different. As the pot hits my hand it changes direction in its fall and flips out of my hand. (At this point the pot and I are only about 6 inches from the ground.) To the ground it goes as I hope and pray it doesn’t break…..the pot didn’t hear my prayer and it shattered into a million pieces.

At this time everyone shut-up. You could have heard an ant crawl across the floor it was so quiet. I was so mad I actually counted from 1 to 10 in my head before I reacted. I know if I did react instantly I might have lost my job as youth pastor. Need less to say not long after that everyone was gone from the house and we learned a big lesson. Child Proof Everything!

I believe next time we invite the students over we will have an outside party. Thanks for reading and keep it real with Jesus Christ.