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GameDay Nazis

Well first I want to thank you for tuning in to another great story of my life. If you are not aware, Alabama played Penn State this weekend and ESPN GameDay was on site.

The story starts somewhere along the lines of Thursday night. Kyle Bryant and I had been talking for a number of weeks about going to GameDay and trying to get on T.V. We thought it would be really cool if we had some funny signs so we starting thinking of ideas. After a little while we come up with two. Before I tell you about the pictures let me setup the scenario.

At 2:00am on Saturday morning Kyle and I leave Grand Bay, AL headed for Tuscaloosa, AL. Being the great friend that he is he opted to drive, and being the great friend that I am, I opted to “pray” for 3 and 1/2 hours on our drive up. Needless to say it was a quick trip up for me. We arrived there and found a parking place about 6am and headed to the front of the stadium where ESPN Gameday would be broadcasting from. Honestly we were welcomed with open arms because of our signs. I almost felt like a celebrity for a short time, except all the pictures I took with the sign I was behind it….

Celebrity status or not, a whole lot of people loved our signs and wanted to take pictures of it. After taking some pictures we moved into the line where the Gameday entrance was. When we were moving to the front we heard some of the security or “GameDay Nazis”, as I like to call them, telling people that if you have a stick or pole you cannot enter. That was not too bad of news given that everyone else was standing on the outer portion of the circle and was still very close to the cameras. So we took our signs and moved to the outer circle. At that time we met more people that wanted to take pictures of our sign so we did.

About an hour went by and GameDay was about to start so I took the sign I was holding and started putting it in the air waving it around and honestly acting like a complete idiot.  At that time some of the GameDay Nazis come over and asked it they could take a look at the sign.  After examining it they told us that we could not hold our signs up because they were derogatory.  I then told them that I’m a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and that nothing I would hold up would be derogatory so he could take his security badge, brown pants, and greasy hair and shove……just kidding, but that is what I was feeling at the time.  We graciously put them down in disappointment because we did not want the sheriffs to come and take us away.

At this time our goal of getting on T.V. was cut down to nothing, but we still had an idea.  We knew that they would be broadcasting a large view so we walked back to the steps in front of the stadium and actually was on the opening clip of GameDay that morning.  If you were watching you probably could not see us because we were so tiny, but our goal of getting on T.V. was accomplished.  An A+ for effort, but more like a C- on the actual examination.  Below you can checkout our signs we made:

This represented the story of Auburn QB Cameron Newton.  While attending Florida he “allegedly” stole a laptop and used his internet access card to get online.  The school traced the laptop to where he was located and when they banged on the door he then took the laptop to the window and tried to throw it into a dumpster.  Funny part was that he missed the dumpster.

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