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Great Weekend

This morning started a great weekend for Nicole and I. As most of you know College football gets into full gear today with Alabama taking on San Jose State. Since we are cheap and do not want to buy the Pay-per-view we are driving an hour across the bay and brining food and also probably going out to eat afterwards to watch the game. Yes, I know, that cost more to do what we are doing than eating frozen pizzas and paying $30 for the game.

On Sunday I have the opportunity to preach in big church. I think I will be calling it big church for the rest of my life. I was asked the other day and have a great message that will be a lot of fun to preach and share. Pray for me as I do that at 6:00pm. The other event on Sunday is some Late-Night Bowling with the youth group. This gives me the opportunity to demolish some student’s pride and wave my flag of victory in their faces after I crush them on the lanes…..well maybe not that exhaustive, but I do plan on playing a few games.

Monday is Labor day which means NO LABOR for me…..I think. I did not ask if the office is closed or not, but I assume we are not working. I’m probably going to assume so much to not wake up until about 11am on Monday morning. Can you say LAZY?

Well, I pray you have a great Labor Day weekend also. Keep Christ first