Happy 28th Birthday to me Jul20


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Happy 28th Birthday to me

Since this is a website about the life of Chris Taylor I thought that I would go ahead and tell myself Happy Birthday.  So…Happy Birthday Chris Taylor.

Last night Nicole and I went with my mom, dad, and brother Victor to Baudean’s on DIP.  If you don’t know what happens there on Tuesday night you really need to check it out.  All-you-can-eat Snow Crab Legs.  I think I sinned a little bit as well as everyone else around the table.  The greatest thing about the night was that I didn’t have to pay for my meal.  I guess my dad felt sorry for me and offered to pay.  Honestly, the greatest part of the night was spending time with my favorite people.  Though today is my birthday and I get to spend it with 100+ crazy students that I love dearly, I loved being able to go and spend time with mom and dad last night.

Cherish those special moments, even if you are stuffing your face with crab and oyster stew.