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Hey Hurricanes!

Well tomorrow is the official debut of my voice on the mic at The Eye. I am excited to have a good crowd at the Bryant game tomorrow night as well as have a win to start the season off. One of the greatest things about Friday night is that I get to watch football. It doesn’t really matter to me what stage of football I’m watching. If it’s PeeWee, I Love It. If it’s Grade School, I Love It more. If it’s College, I Love it most (being that i’m an Alabama Fan “ROLL TIDE”).

Last Thursday night was my “un-official debut” because it was a Jamboree against Satsuma. Nobody counts those games…..but just to let you know we stomped them 14-0 at the end of the half. I was a little nervous at the start, but once I said “Welcome” it was pretty much smooth from there on. I did make one mistake that one of the coaches club members said he would never let me live down. When I was telling everyone about the main concession stand I said, “If you would like a drink or something to eat head on over to the concession stand in the South endzone……….I mean North endzone.” As the game got to rolling I used some old terms that the good ole announcers used in the past. One was the, “Rumblin, Bumblin, Stumblin, for a 1st Down!” Another was one I made up all by myself, “A storm’s a brewing, the Canes are movin, for another Hurricane first down!”

With just a half in my book I’m pretty confident that I will be prepared with all kinds of sayings. I may just google “Football Announcer Catch Phrases” to see what comes up. Well, if you haven’t been invited by anyone else here is your official invite. The Alma Bryant Hurricanes will be taking on the Daphne Trojans and I would love for you to join me cheer the Hurricanes onto a victory tomorrow night at The Eye @ 7pm.

Hope to see you there…..Oh and bring Jesus Christ with you because he is the man!