I’m Asian

Here is the story below (rather lengthy):

The night before my wife and I were talking about me going to College Gameday the next morning.  My “plan” was to bring my 5 month old son to the front row of Gameday and hold him up to the cameras like a proud father showing off his son….mama didn’t like that plan.  She said NO, I said YES, she said NO, then I said ok.  (If you are married you can understand where I’m coming from).

At that point I planned on getting into bed early because I knew, to get a good spot at Gameday would require me to get there very early.  The reason why I knew that was because the last time I tried to get on Gameday during the 2010 season was when Alabama played Penn State in Alabama.  A good friend of mine Kyle Bryant (@kyleebryant on Twitter) and I drove up early Saturday morning with our awesome signs that you can see below:

herbie1 camdumpster

The one on the left is a poke at Kirk Herbstreit and the other is one that took a little while to design….yes I said design.  The laptop that Mr. Newton is holding moves from left to right into the dumpster which refers to a past incident when he was attending the University of Florida.  From what you may not know there are rules for signs at College Gameday.  You can’t make signs like this, so they threatened to take them or for us to put them down.  We were so angry that we left them there and watched from a distance.  The only good thing about us falling back and watching was that Erin Andrews :) walked right beside me.  Other than that it was a #Fail.

Ok, so now you have a bit of a background on my Gameday experience, now back to the story at hand.

I set my alarm for 4:00a the next morning because from where we were staying, at the Jefferson Street Bed & Breakfast, it would be about a twenty minute drive to the stadium.  I left about 4:20a and headed to Cowboy Stadium with Alabama shirt on, a water, and a grin from ear to ear.  I knew that I would be the first person in line.  I arrived and quickly found out that I was not the first one to arrive.  I was 21 in line and that discouraged me because I didn’t think I would get up front and on TV.  There was a mix of Michigan and Alabama fans in front and behind me and all were great to talk to.  Also, the two face guys were directly in front of me (@austinjackson13 & @jack_____enship on Twitter).  About an hour before they let us in we figured out that they would split us in two sections, or at least I figured that out, which made my place in line on the Alabama side shrink to about 8.

Not long after that (6:30a – about 30 minutes before they let us in) the Gameday girls came over to everyone in line and asked us if we wanted to make signs.  They said they had paint in our different colors and encouraged us to do so.  I wasn’t going to make a sign purely for two reasons: I didn’t want to leave my spot in line, and I didn’t know what to put on a sign.  I guess God intervened on the situation then and told me to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).  I then asked the Michigan guys behind me to hold my spot and went and painted “I’m Asian” on the sign in red.  As soon as I turned around and people spotted it everyone started cracking up.  I had the whole line laughing and some asked me if I was really Asian.  That is when the fun started.

Finally at 7:00a they started letting everyone in the gate to take our spots.  Being the 8th person on the Alabama side might sound good, but I thought it was bad because it pushed me a little further down the fence line.  I wanted to be on the corner spot where the face guys where located but it just didn’t work out that way, but honestly I was in the perfect spot anyways.

As the day went on people were laughing at my sign, but I was not doing anything until the cameras turned on.  The first time the cameras turned to me I put my Asian qualities into gear and pushed the proverbial petal to the floor.  There was no holding back at this point.  Everytime the cameras would turn to me I would try and say something different at the top of my lungs in a strong Asian accent.  Things like: “WOLL TIDE!”  ”I LOVE AMERICA”  ”SWEET-N-SOUR CHICKEN”  ”FRIED RICE”  ”I LOVE CHINA”  ”ALABAMA #1″.  Honestly it was amazing.  Everyone around me was cracking up and surprisingly when I was on TV behind David Pollack you could actually hear me saying some of that stuff.  Many of the Gameday staffers were taking their phones out to take pictures and I would imagine many of them were thinking “Look at this idiot”.

I checked my phone a couple of times when the commercials would go on and I had tons of tweets and tons of text messages.  Apparently I was trending on Twitter from what my friend Dale (@bryandrakeshow on Twitter) was telling me at one point.  SBNation said it was the greatest Gameday sign of all time (http://www.sbnation.com/2012/9/1/3285033/the-greatest-gameday-sign-ever-made) as well as other sites.  There is now a good number of website/blogs that posted about it and has been posted on Instagram a lot also.  If you would like to look just google “I’m Asian Gameday Sign” and you will have plenty to look at.

Since then things have been great because from what I can tell I helped put a lot of smiles, or people spitting their drinks out laughing, or people falling on the floor laughing through this fun act.  Yes, if you didn’t already know, I really do not sound like an Asian guy.  I am Asian, just don’t sound like one.  I probably sound more redneck than anything, but it sure is fun to act like an Asian guy.  The Bible says this in Proverbs 15:13, “A happy heart makes the face cheerful but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”  If there is one good that comes out of this I know that I made a lot of folks have a cheerful face.  Honestly, I couldn’t help but laughing out loud when I watched it on Sunday when we arrived home from Dallas.

Hope you have enjoyed my couple seconds of fame and below my signature is some pictures from day.

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- Chris

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