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iPhone 4 Review

Here is my unrestricted iPhone 4 Review

Being an Apple fan I was anticipating the new iPhone 4 that was going to be released this past Thursday.  Another reason was because my old 1st Generation iPhone was not working properly anymore.  Because of new updates and larger applications the 1G iPhone was getting to be really sluggish….kind of like an old PC.  I could handle that, but I could not handle when the bottom 1/4 of the touch screen quit responding.  It is hard to call someone when you cannot push the Phone Icon.  Need less to say I was getting really excited about the iPhone 4 coming out.

About two days before the Pre-Orders started for the iPhone 4 was when my 1G iPhone started this.  So my plan was to get up early the morning of Pre-Orders and try and fight the bandwidth battle with about 600,000 others.  I finally got through on the Apple website and confirmed my 32GB iPhone for shipment and arrival on the release date of June 24.  The great thing about ordering from Apple is that sometimes you will get perks for doing so.  The perk this time was receiving it a day early on June 23rd.  This made me very happy because I didn’t have to fight all the updating on iTunes on the release date like I did when I received my 1G iPhone on release day.

Nicole called about 3:30p on the 23rd and told me my iPhone 4 had come in so I hurried home to find the greatest phone known to man (at this time).  Back to the church I headed to set it up and play a little while before church started that night.  To my amazement the iPhone 4 was everything and more than I expected.  Here we go:

- Speed -
It has remarkable speed browsing through applications, internet over Wi-Fi & 3G, and multi-tasking.  Not only with the applications, but it kept up with my “fast typing skills.”  With movies there wasn’t a skip in the play, nor was there any shutter in the spotlight search.  All in all the speed of the iPhone lightning fast.

- Display -
I have never seen anything so clear in my life.  We have a 64GB iPad and the first thing I thought when we got that was, “wow, it’s so clear.”  Honestly, the iPhone puts the iPad and anything else that I have seen to shame.  The remarkable aspect is that it is so small, but so clear.  I can tell that 3rd-party applications need to update their icons because they are pixelated on the screen compared to the stock iPhone icons.  Movies and text are as fine as looking at a 240hz LED 1080p Television.

- Call Quality & FaceTime -
Coming from a 1st Gen iPhone the Call Quality is 10 times better.  I can actually hear what people say now.  When using the Speaker Phone I actually have to turn it down because it is so loud.  I have only had 1 drop call so far, but the reason was on the other end and not mine.  Facetime is also remarkable.  The quality of the picture is just as good or better than a webcam except with no skipping.  With the 2 cameras you can flip to either side of the phone while in the call to show the person you are talking to what you want.

- HD Video @ 720p -
This is probably my favorite part of the phone.  Being a video enthusiast I love that I can shoot High-Def Video with a phone.  That means, I’ve got a decent camera where ever I go.  My main concern was with how will the sound quality be, but I was impressed that it wasn’t that bad.  It probably could be better if you could hookup a microphone to the mic port, but I am satisfied with what is there.

- Design -
Last but not least is the design of this masterpiece.  Whomever decided to put glass on the front and back should get a raise.  Probably the most appealing part is the cleanness of how it looks (without all the fingerprints.)  It is rock solid with the Stainless Steel all the way around and really show off that Apple has put some thought into this one.  I really just like holding it and showing it off, but I believe it is easier to hold than the older design.

If you read everything you can probably say that I am very excited about having this device as my phone.  I am hoping that 3rd-Parties will make some worthy Multi-tasking applications so I can use this phone to it’s potential.  If anyone reading has any questions please shoot them my way at christaylor@thectspot.com.  I’ll try and answer any questions that are emailed.

Thanks for reading and make sure to keep Jesus Christ the Lord of your life,