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Making A Difference

Nicole and I are planning to go out of town to Los Angeles to visit her sister for Mardi Gras break.  We have a lot of activities planned as it is but I mentioned that we need to go visit a church when we are there.  The first church that came to my mind was Saddleback.  If you don’t know anything about Saddleback church let me fill you in.  For one: Rick Warren, author of the best selling book in the nation, is the pastor.  They have several different campuses and minister in an impactful way in California.  After talking with Nicole and looking at our schedule it seemed that it would be a little far to drive.

I did not know any other churches in LA so I did what anyone with some tech knowledge would do; I googled.  One of the first churches that came up was a church called “The Dream Center”.  My first impression was, “wow that is a cool name let me search into it further and make sure it’s not one of those crazy churches.”  As I went to the website there was a link to Pastor Matthew’s new book.  About 5 minutes before this search I received an email about a book called “The Cause Within You”.  Guess who the author was….Matthew Barnett.

At this time I’m almost convinced that we are going there but not 100% sure yet.  I went ahead and added him to my Twitter account so I could follow his tweets and then I wrote this: Trying to find a church to attend when we go to LA.  @matthewbarnett’s church The Dream Center looks to be a possibility. A couple minutes later guess who messages me back….Yes the Pastor of a church that has a weekly attendance of 35,000.  No that is not a typo, thirty-five thousand people in one week attend his church.  I then tweeted him back and he told me he was speaking that day and wanted me to come and say hi.

I’m not sure if that makes a difference to you, but it made a remarkable difference in my life.  As a youth pastor I don’t have a lot of time to sit around and tweet people, but this guy is in charge of a mega-church and he makes time to write a few words to me, a youth pastor at a church in Grand Bay, AL.  His short tweet really made a difference.  This makes me think also about my life and how Jesus would live in our day.  Maybe if Jesus was walking on the earth today he would have a Twitter, maybe not, but I know that Jesus would be Making A Difference by doing the small things to get people to hear his gospel.

Remember to Love Jesus and Love People,