Should’a got a nose ring Jul18


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Should’a got a nose ring

Started a new Bible study a few days ago called “Blended” through  It is a 1-year blended New & Old Testament Bible study.  Today’s scripture was reading two chapters in Genesis, 23 & 24.  Pretty easy read, and something that I have read a couple of times.  I probably should have read this a couple of times before I got married because I would have saved a whole lot of money.

I could be totally off from what this actually means, but this popped into my head when reading.  From what I understand I was totally wrong scripturally based when I purchased an engagement ring.  I guess it’s one of those things that is just understood…plus when you get emailed pictures of ring after ring after ring during your relationship you kind of figure out what your future mate wants.

In Gen 24 Issac didn’t have to hunt for his future wife, all he had to do was drink a little water and give up some rings and bracelets.  Onward into verses 22-29, Issac gives her a gift.  A nose ring and some bracelets.  I wonder if Rebekah thought ”Has anyone worn that nose ring, because I don’t want someone else’s boogers in my nose,” probably not.  I look at this and think, dude, I could have done the whole biblical Genesis 24 thing when proposing to Nicole.  A quick version probably would have went something like this:

Chris – “Yo girl, you fine! Lemme get some of that water”
Nicole – “Ok, I guess.  Do you need some for your busted radiator?  I’ll go get that too”
Chris – ” Yeah girl, you know, this is just my work truck.  My Lambo is sittin at the hizzy”
Nicole – “Whatever, I’ll go help you out and get some more water for you”
Chris – “Thanks girl! Look, since you did all this imma give you this nose ring & these bracelets”
Nicole – “OMG! This is sooooo nice!”
Chris – “Yeah, that’s how I roll girl”  BTW, who you from anyways”
Nicole – “From Larry son of Delaney, and Lisa daughter of Nana”
Chris – “That’s tight! I think we are gonna make a good pair”

To think back on it, I should’a got a nose ring.