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Someone is getting a toaster

First let me say thank you for reading and sorry for the gap in posts.

So the last few weeks I have been churning my gears and moved back into the eBay circuit of sales. I purchased some broken Xbox 360s, was given a laptop, and had some stuff laying around that I needed to get out the door. After setting up my camera and taking pictures of all the items I started listing and placing them for sale.

As a general rule I always start my auctions off at .99¢. The reason for this is because I have researched enough to know that whatever is on sale of eBay is going to sell for whatever someone wants to bid on it no matter what you think it’s worth. Almost always I come out ahead, but there are a few times where the have to eat a few bucks…..but that’s business. There is also another general rule I stand by. My auctions always end on either a Sunday night or a Monday night. The reason for this is because more people are at home on these nights and are what they call, “eBaying.” Other than the 2 general rules, I let the eBaying commence.

As always, in my case with eBay, I cannot stay only on the selling portion of the website. Browsing for things I cannot afford intrigues me for some reason. So then entails my eBaying. I purchased a 17″ Macbook Pro a couple of years ago for a great deal on eBay. It was about 1 year old, worth about $2000, and I pulled it for $1200 on eBay. I was astonished with the buy because every other 17″MP went for around $1600 at that time. The little Devil on my shoulder must have spoke into my ear and said I needed a new one, so I went searching. To my amazement I found one right off the bat. It was about to end on auction and the price was hovering around $1100. As the minutes counted down I waited to about 30 seconds left in the auction and then I shot a bid in for $1145. The seconds counted down and I won. This can be one of the greatest feelings because at the moment you believe that you have actually gotten a better deal than anyone else on the planet. From experience, THERE IS ALWAYS A BETTER DEAL. That goes for houses, cars, electronics, clothing, gas, food…..i could go on.

After winning I sent my payment in right away through a company called PayPal. They are a great company that secures your payment and keeps everything else confidential. I trust them with my bank account and credit card numbers so that should tell you something. Not long after that the person emailed me saying thanks for the purchase and that he would be shipping in the next few days.

A few days past and I received the UPS Tracking number, but was a bit upset because we were going to be in Birmingham for Steven Sanders’ wedding to Destinee Wigley……I wasn’t upset for the wedding I just wanted my new toy. By the way, the wedding was spectacular and I am super happy for my boy Steven. He deserves a great girl and I believe he married one this past weekend. Congratulations to them!

We left on Saturday after the wedding to come home and I was anticipating getting home and opening the box and staying up late playing around on the new Macbook. We arrived home and as I opened the front door the box on the back porch caught my eye. I went straight for it and brought it inside and Nicole gathered behind me as I went to open it. Tore the tape, opened the box and there was a toaster oven box staring at me. At first I was confused because it was suppose to be a Macbook, but then I thought, maybe it’s inside the toaster oven box. That is when I become petrified because as I opened the toaster oven box……it was an actual toaster oven. This meant that I purchased a $20 toaster oven for about $1200….not a good feeling in my stomach at this time.

Nicole at this time doesn’t know what to say because she thinks that I just spent $1200 on a $20 toaster. I at this time don’t know what to say because I know she thinks I just spent $1200 on a $20 toaster. At this time I start to prepare my pillows and blanket on the couch for the evening. Just kidding, I told her that Paypal covered me and there would be no worries. To make a long story short I filed a claim with Paypal and the person refunded me completely and let me keep the Toaster Oven.

This brings me to my next statement: If you have a wedding, birthday, house warming, get together, Christmas party, Sunday School party, anniversary party, or anything that requires me bringing a present……you may just get a Toaster Oven.

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