The Dark Knight Rises

This morning at 12:01am, if you wanted to, you could have found me at Wynsong 16 in Mobile, AL in theater 5 on the back row anticipating a movie for the ages, The Dark Knight Rises.  As I was stuffing popcorn in my mouth and chasing it with ice cold sprite I never would have thought that a person with a gun would have busted through the emergency exit doors and started shooting people.  Thank the Lord that didn’t happen in Mobile, Alabama, but it did in Aurora, Colorado.

(Here is the USA today post about it:

I won’t spend the time explaining what happened there as you can click the link above and read a detailed exposit of the account.  What I do want to set your mind on is the day in which we live and why it is so important for us to intentionally devote time to youth.  In Ephesians Paul is speaking to strengthen the Christians in the church of Ephesus and also I believe speaking to the church today.

Ephesians 5:15-16 states, “Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.” 

If someone were to ask my opinion if this shooting surprised me I would say a quick NO.  Reason being is part of what this verse says and the way society is today.  The days we live in are evil.  Society gives no reverence to God, increasingly demotes the value of life, and bases morality on whatever the feeling is for the day.  This amplifying withdrawal from the Creator of the world has made our society the way it is.

So what do we do?
How do we move on from this?
And, How do we keep this from happening again?

Some may suggest a cop in every theater, or some type of TSA body scans at the entrance doors.  Though some may say this is ridiculous, mark my words, those precautions will be discussed.  Do you remember the day when you could leave your front door open when you left your house?  We don’t fix the problem with beefing up security, nor do we fix the problem of answering questions about creation from billion dollar underground science experiments (a whole different subject).  We MUST turn our focus back to God.

Maybe James Holmes wouldn’t have done this if he had a good Godly family, was involved in a good Godly youth group, and had Godly mentors that poured into his life so that everything he did would honor and give glory to God.  Maybe he still would have, but honestly read again what I just wrote and ask yourself this question; would James Holmes have a better understanding of who God was, what God did, and why God did it if the above were all true?  Yes, and that would have transferred to the way in which he lived his life.  We have to get back to investing in lives and quit investing in stuff.  We don’t need more guns (and I’m not against guns).  We don’t need more police (not against this either).  What we need are Godly men and women that will invest their time into kids and teenagers to show them how great God is, why he is great, and why we give him honor.  The days may be evil, but the Lord is more powerful than the evil one and can triumph through the tragedy, even this one.

- Chris Taylor