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The Freedom We Enjoy

If you share the faith I share in Jesus Christ and live in America you share two of the greatest freedoms this life enjoys.  You share the freedom of living with the creator of the world in your heart as well as living in the greatest country in the world.

Here are 10 Things that come to mind when I think about on Independence Day:

1. All the lives that were lost in the wars.
2. The families that have close family members in the military.
3. BBQ
4. How great it is to live in a land where I have no physical persecution to serve my Lord.
5. The fact that my son is an American citizen and enjoys all the rights of the USA.
6. The chaplains that are trying to win soldiers to the Lord.
7. Grilling
8. The fact that I can sit on MY couch writing this on MY computer on MY website. (ownership!)
9. There are people fighting right now helping to keep the freedom we enjoy (S/O to Adam Blackwell).
10. How God has continually blessed this nation and hoping that he will continue to do so.

Be blessed today and pray for those that are helping us enjoy this freedom we enjoy.

- Chris Taylor