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I’m really not sure who started this trend but this is probably one of my favorite social trends happening right now.  First let me set this up by explaining what I’m even talking about if you are new to this.  There is an app (program) called Instagram and it allows you to take pictures then turn them into old style film looking pictures.  Also it gives you the availability to write descriptions and do what is called “Hashtag”.  The hashtag is probably the most important part because it puts the picture into a category online that the public is able to view.  The popular hashtag on Thursdays is #throwbackthursday in which you are to post an old picture of yourself, thus ensuing the “throwback” connotation.

Why this is a craze, i’m not sure, but it does bring back some memories for people.  Hopefully if this spurs some memories about your past you can reflect on how much God has blessed you.  Psalm 103:2 (NIV) says, “Praise the lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits”.  It is time for us to stop taking inventory on the negative and start taking inventory on the positive.  Take time to reflect today on the past blessings and benefits that God has given you.  Remember to Praise him and to never forget how he has blessed you.

- Chris Taylor