Why I’m Getting The iPhone 5s Sep18


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Why I’m Getting The iPhone 5s

Over the past 3 months I have been asked by a number of people that know I am a techy and an Apple fend why I was using a blackberry.  Below is the story.

Back in June our church put on their own youth camp at the Georgia Baptist Conference Center called GO Camp (www.gocampevents.com – website still under construction as of writing this).  We had an amazing time, but the “highlight” of the trip was on Tuesday morning when Ralph Rimmer (@rimshot50) and I were going to relax in the lake.

A bit of history on my iPhone 4 that I had prior to that Tuesday.  In short it was a great phone and it was a major upgrade from the original iPhone that I previously had.  For protection purposes I purchased a Lifeproof case the past summer so that it would not get damaged while in Guatemala on a mission trip.  After surviving the rugged terrain and intense climate of Guatemala and the lifeproof holding it’s ground I decided to take it on a river trip.  On that trip I chose to tube instead of canoe and I fashioned a lanyard around the bottom of the lifeproof case so that it would stay around my neck the entire trip.  During that trip it stayed under water probably 2 of the 4 hours we were on the river.  Below is picture from that trip


My conclusion at this point was that the $70 that I spent on the lifeproof case was well worth it.  Throughout dropping on concrete, throwing in swimming pools, and other things that were done to the case to test its sustainability it was put through the most intense pressure to hold up to the standards of being lifeproof.  That intense pressure is called Truett Edward Taylor.

From the time that Truett was able to grab things and put it in his mouth he grew to like the iPhone w/Lifeproof case and how it felt biting continuously on it.  As you can see below he is trying to eat a pumpkin


Through a number of months biting and chewing on the Lifeproof case it seemed as if the iPhone was no longer “Life Proof”.  It would still hold up to the occasional dropping on the ground, but I was afraid to test it in water.  Back to GO Camp

Just about the time I was going to jump in the water I realized that I had my phone in my pocket.  I was just about to walk back, put my phone down on the shore, and then jump in when Ralph said something along the lines of, “Just jump in”.  Because I have a one track mind, I forgot about the iPhone subconsciously thinking it was still lifeproof and jumped on the tube.  It wasn’t until I was about 100ft from the shore when I pulled my iPhone out to take a picture that I found out it was no longer waterproof, as water was dripping out of the case.  I hoped and prayed at that point my iPhone would be rescued by Rice (actual bag of rice pictured below) and other forms of drying out electronics but nothing worked.

It’s not because of the A7 chip, the fingerprint sensor, or the great look of the iPhone 5s, those are just bonuses.  The reason I am getting the iPhone 5s is because I have not had an iPhone since June and have had to suffer life with a Blackberry Q10, that will be my wife’s on Friday.

You could call it #firstworldproblems if you want.

- CT


P.S. Doesn’t look good for the Blackberry Q10